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Apr 21, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time with filmmaker Chung Winner. It was evident after talking for just a few minutes with Chung that he is a man on a mission. We covered topics from winning the day by starting with an ice cold shower to consciously manipulating his mind and body to serve his will.

A director and editor by trade, Chung's behind the scenes credits include: Vanity Fair, The Travel Channel, short films, music videos, the #1 television show in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Penn & Teller CW show Fool Us.

Today Chung is hard at work on a new documentary series, Stories From Our Time. Each 3-6 minute episode reveals a novel account of human life, a time capsule of sorts, documenting the human experience on the planet today. The stories focus on uniquely lived lives, from a money launderer for the Chinese mafia to a political activist to an elderly couple living in a house built of mosaic tiles.

This episode is stacked with compelling and actionable content, and I hope you have as much fun listening as I did recording it. Enjoy!

You can get in touch with Chung on Twitter,, and the IQx Facebook page. 


(Apologies to James Franco and the late Marva Collins for blanking on your names!)

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