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At the Future Self Podcast, we empower every aspect of your life. From business, to social, to personal, we provide blueprints and proven strategies to address the hangups that are keeping you from getting from where you are to where you want to be. Tune in every week for doses of valuable and actionable content from the top entrepreneurs, business executives, attorneys, and more. At the end of every episode you will have valuable action plans that you can implement in your life today to start seeing measurable results immediately. Join us every Friday for valuable nuggets of wisdom guaranteed to make your future self your biggest fan.
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Aug 25, 2017

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Simply put, if you want success you have to step outside your comfort zone and ruthlessly pursue it. You have to constantly position yourself to be in the right place to seize opportunities when they appear.

In the first five minutes of this episode, it's clear Mike Simmons has taken these lessons to heart. Mike is the founder, CEO, and driving force behind the marketing and business development firm WIMS, Inc., a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs develop strategies to bring their passions to life.

If you're struggling to make the hard decisions, today and every day, to get from where you are to where you want to be, then you need to listen to this episode now. Not only is Mike's story compelling, it's filled with actionable advice that you can implement in your life today.

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A few of my favorite moments:

On the power of showing up:

I almost blew it off. It was literally the day before spring break started. I had a midterm that day, and then I was going to Vegas. But, I'm like "suck it up." I pulled an all-nighter to study for my test.  I made it at 8:30am to this interview, a little disheveled, but I pulled it off. I did great...I got the internship...and then I ended up working there full time. I was there for seven years.

That one almost monumental mistake, that I would have never even known was a mistake, worked out.

On inventing the person he wanted to be:

I was more of a shy kid growing up. It took me a while to come out of my shell. When I first started my job and I would go to networking events, I used to have to have one or two drinks to kind of get warmed up, to be social. Now, of course, I can talk to anybody, and certainly don't need the liquid courage like I used to. I PRACTICED. I went to events, as awkward as I felt. I was a twenty-two year old kid going to networking events. I was so out of my element, but I kept showing up. I practiced. I taught myself a lot of this...I invented this guy I am today.

On being accountable to yourself:

Being an entrepreneur, you have to be accountable. Even if it's just to yourself. Having a boss, sometimes it's have those 10 things you need to do that day and once you get them done you can go home. I have an infinite list at all times...always. When you're just starting out, it's overwhelming. You learn.

On delegating:

When I first started my company, for the first two years even, I did everything myself. I did all the web development myself. I did all the social media myself, content creation...I did the CRM programs, the implementation myself...because you can't really delegate unless you know...what a good job looks like.

On serving his clients better by recording their meetings:

When I do discovery calls with new prospects and clients, I've been recording it and playing them back later. We've been good about being able to capture exactly what this prospects wants, what their problems are, and making sure that we solve them. 

You lose a lot, even trying to take free-hand notes. The simple act of hitting record, and I let them know's tremendous to make sure that I get back and that I'm solving the problem that they articulated. 

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You can get in touch with Mike on Twitter @WIMSconsulting ,, and

Aug 4, 2017

Finding your niche is about more than just following your passion. While following your passion is all the rage, the truth is, if your passion doesn’t intersect with a viable need people are willing to part with their money for, your passion is going to bankrupt you.

For better results, identify an existing problem in the market that pertains to your passion and then solve it. That’s how you can follow your passion to immeasurable wealth – or at least a successful business that gives you freedom and flexibility. 

But as anyone who’s ever tried to follow their passion into the marketplace can tell you, it isn’t easy. That’s why I’m going to continue to bring you guests that have turned that dream into a reality. The sooner your passion and your purpose intersect with a revenue stream the happier and more fulfilling your life is going to be. 

In this episode, we explore how Attorney Harrison Lord did just that. Harrison is the founder of  [ask LEGAL], a unique legal services boutique that emphasizes value over time. If you’ve ever asked a lawyer what something costs and received something short of a straight answer, you’ll appreciate Harrison’s novel and transparent approach to legal fees. 

Please drop me a line and let me know how you liked it.

A few of my favorite moments:

On his unique approach to billing:

I’m a big believer in doing things the way that I would want them done.

When you shift how your charge, and you shift things to look at it from the client perspective, I think you have a very different analysis that you go through.

On his entrepreneurial path:

It’s not so much that I had this itch I needed to scratch…as that I was sort of wandering blindly through life and found a thing that looked interesting and poked at it until it either turns out pretty good or gives me hives.

On the benefits of maintaining a friendly relationship with opposing attorneys:

If I’m an idiot I’d much rather find that out on the phone. If they have good stuff, I’d much rather know that up front than in court later.

His desperate attempts to save Blockbuster Video by writing off late fees:

These are people that have the disposable income to come into a Blockbuster on a Friday night, there’s no reason they should be angry why they’re here.

The best advice his dad ever gave him:

Show up early, stay late, work harder than everybody else there

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You can get in touch with Harrison on Twitter @hlord & @AskLEGALNCFacebookLinkedIn, and

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