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Nov 24, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time on the mic with my friend Matt Andersen. Matt is a CPA and the founder of MD Andersen CPA, a public accounting firm in South Charlotte that prides itself on empowering entrepreneurs with nerdy CPA skills.

We covered some serious ground in this episode and Matt destroyed...

Nov 17, 2017

This week I got on the mic with Kevin Giriunas, the founder of Advent Coworking in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte. I didn’t plan it this way, but this interview couldn’t have been a more perfect follow up to the episode with Court Creeden. Kevin spent the bulk of his life chasing a version of success...

Nov 10, 2017

This week I had a candid conversation with Court Creeden, the founder of Parent Financial and the author of the hot new personal development book, Blue Goat. I like to dig deep into the story with people and Court didn’t hesitate to go there with me. Do you feel like there’s more to life? Do you feel like you’re...

Nov 3, 2017

David Herring is an architect, attorney, and one seriously woke dude. 

In this episode, we cover some deeply personal topics and often venture into the existential. I feel like we barely scratched the surface, so I look forward to having David back in the studio again soon.

One of my favorite moments:

On making the...