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Feb 16, 2018

Farmers First Coffee is a socially conscious coffee startup that’s putting the focus on the farmers that are actually growing the coffee. Every bag of Farmers First comes with the name and image of the farmer who produced the coffee inside.

The bag Matt graciously brought for me was grown by Rosa, a Peruvian widow that has been producing coffee for 30 years. Matt brewed me a delightful cup of Rosa’s coffee right in the studio, so I’ll apologize in advance if you hear us slurping a bit.

Want a deal on some of this great coffee?! Go to and use code FUTURESELF to get 10% off your first order.

Key moments from this episode:

05:42  Overcoming the fear and uncertainty of starting a business and dating in a country where he didn’t know the language
08:11  The importance of finding a vocation, something that inspires you
13:37  The origin story of Farmers First Coffee
20:51 — Why they chose to form a socially conscious startup over a non-profit
23:35 — How they launched a massively successful Kickstarter campaign
30:02 — Facing and overcoming fear in the early days of the business
42:37 — How his personal health struggles influenced his career trajectory
48:27 — How they connect coffee drinkers with the coffee farmers


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Resources Mentioned:

Start With Why - Simon Sinek

Bold - Peter Diamandis

Hector and the Search For Happiness CLIP

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